About LabrujaJessica

Hi my name is Jessica aka LabrujaJessica. I’ve been fascinated by the spirit realm since I could remember. As a child growing up I experienced a lot of paranormal encounters which led me to explore and accept my gift. Tarot was something that completely fell into my life around my early thirties. I remember struggling with anxiety and purpose. So I began to learn everything I could about tarot and as every beginner would tell you, at some point doing readings for friends and family just got a little boring lol. I now understand my purpose and I am thankful everyday for my blessing. So I branched out into the world of social media and the rest is history. I read tarot and spirit through the cards. I guess You can say I am not your average reader for sure! There is so much to explore from this realm to the next! So join me as I bring light and clarity to all those in need. Remember to always pray and God first.